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About Us 

About Us

Who we are

Functional is a growing tech company operating in the medical devi- ces, disposable, and PPE industry. Thanks to an innovative business model and a proprietary sourcing platform which guarantees a uni- que competitive advantage the company has registered an incre- dible grow (100% YOY since his set-up in 2020) and achieved a lea- ding position in the market. In the first semester of 2022 Functional registered sales for more than 2M. € and concluded a seed funding round (>1,5M.€) which guaranteed a further boost and new resources to scale up his business.


Functional is committed to working with the best and brightest people from the broadest talent pool possible. We believe a di-versity of ideas fosters innovation and engagement, and allows us to attract the best people, and to develop the best products, services and solutions.

Our Strategy

Vision & Mission

The current worldwide situation characterized by great economic and political instability has given evidence of shortages of raw materials, increased energy costs, highlighting even more how weak are specific supply chains. This situation is creating ever greater inconvenience for the various sectors affected, jeopardizing the continuitỳ of production and/or the provision of services.


Functional has developed an innovative business model and a proprietary platform capable of optimizing the entire purchasing process and able to guarantee a unique competitive advantage and a leading position in the market.


Functional’s mission is therefore to create, through its platform, a global network of suppliers, in order to always be able to guarantee the client the best solution on the market according to his needs.

Our Values

01. Trust

In Functional Trust means reliability. We want you to feel safe while interacting with us, whether you are an employee or a customer.

04. Custumer Experience

Experience is the key. We support our customer to meet their needs and we like asking for feedback to improve our service. The best experience before, during and after your purchase. 

02. R&D and Sustainability

Functional is partnering and collaborating with leading research organizations: EURAC, CNR (National Research Council) and FRAUNHOFER.

05. Transparency & Professionalism

In Functional we think that being professional and transparent not only brings value to all the stakeholders (customers and teams), but also brings value to our business itself.

03. Smart Working

Time and workplace do not qualify our result. Functional believes that a good result can be achieved everywhere at any time

06. Have Fun

It is not a coincidence that the word FUN is part of our brand name FUNctional.  Brainstorming, creativity, laughs, team building, jokes, smart working at the beach and many other funny activities are welcome in Functional.

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